Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Item Line Contest

I am trying to think of a new line of items to put in my shop. There are so many things that are available that I can't decide on my own what I want to do. So I'm asking you! I have a couple of ideas and I'd like you to vote on the one you would be most likely to buy. Everyone who enters this contest will be placed in a drawing and the winner will receive the first of the winning entry!
And always feel free to check out my shop at

Here are the examples of the items I'd like to create.

The first is a ceiling fan chain pull.

This is just an example and will be different from the design I will make.

The next option are Key Chain Pens. They are a key chain that is a pen. Always have a pen handy!

And the final option are Soft Tip Wooden or Acrylic Darts! This would be a new and exciting idea for me! I love to throw darts and making them would be fun! Here is an example.

Just leave a comment on which one you vote for and I will put your name in the drawing and announce the winner next Wednesday September 2. If you are the winner, you will be contacted by e-mail. Thank you for your help and good luck!!


Robynsart said...

I think a keychain pen would be an amazing addition to your shop!

designsbykari said...

I like the key chain pens. They get my vote!

Heather said...

you know I want Keychain pens!

Noble Beeyotch said...

I love the first one!...the ceiling fan chain pull!

Aik said...

The Key Chain Pen displays great creativity and I love the idea of it. However, I also like the Ceiling Fan Chain Pull.

aikychien at yahoo dot com