Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Free Gift!!!

So I've done really well in my shop this week and I want to keep it going! I have made 18 sales in my shop since June (which I think is really great considering how much time I have to put into it at the moment!). I would love to have 20 sales by the end of the week and 30 sales by the end of the month. To help me with that, I am giving away a free gift with my 20th and 30 sale!! And the best part is, you get to choose the gift! You have the choice of anything in my shop of equal value of your purchase!! Just let me know what you would like and it's yours! This also applies to custom orders so send me a message if you don't see something you like. I can send you an example of the types and colors of the blanks that I use and you can choose what you would like! So come on in and shop around! And tell everyone you know!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

After The Holidays

Newest listing!!

The holidays have come and gone yet again and seemingly much faster as the years pass. For those sellers that count on the holidays boosting sales, I hope it did just that for you this year! For me, that didn't seem to be the case, but there is always next year right?!?

I have added a new product to my shop www.jenspens.etsy.com that seems to be doing really well! I am creating a secret compartment key chain that makes a great toothpick holder for those, (like my hubby! :) ) who can't go without a toothpick 24/7. It also is a great way to keep an extra $10 or $20 dollar bill for emergencies. As with all my items, they can be custom made and I do have examples of all the types and colors of blanks I can get for them.

I am very interested in hearing how the holiday season went for other sellers. Please feel free to comment and share any ideas that might help newbies and veterans to selling alike!!