Friday, December 19, 2008

My new shop!

So I've decided to expand a little bit and try out . So far it is a great site to be a part of!! For those of you who are not familiar with Artfire, it is a great site to buy and sell handmade items. For sellers, it is free to list up to 10 items at a time. If you become a paid member, you can list and unlimited number of items with no listing fees and from what I understand, no commision fees either!! It also have many other great ways to track your site traffic when you become a paid member. Leave me a comment if you would like more info on Artfire! It's a great way for someone small to start out!! So, come check it out and feel free to leave some comments!!
By the way, I still have my Etsy shop as well!

I planning on picking up my featured seller posts and it will be from both Etsy and Artfire, so check back soon to see if it's you!!

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